la festa musicale, Collegium Vocale Hannover & Florian Lohmann

Biography la festa musicale, Collegium Vocale Hannover & Florian Lohmann

Collegium Vocale Hannover
led since 2010 by Florian Lohmann, doesn’t have the sole objective of reproducing music with exactitude: it also aims to perform it with style, content and expression.

The members of the choir have a solid musical and vocal training; each and every one of them provides the choir with their knowledge and commitment ad honorem, but meets the requirements of a high professional level. It was in such a way that the choir achieved a second position, with “outstanding results”, and several prizes in the 2013 State Choral Contest of Lower Saxony (Niedersächsischer Chorwettbewerb); among others, the best performance of a Contemporary Work. In 2017 State Choral Contest, Collegium Vocale even achieved first position and qualified for the 2018 German Choral Contest (Deutscher Chorwettbewerb) where the choir performed with “outstanding results” and was awarded a 2nd prize.

In Collegium Vocale’s wide repertoire, antique sacred music and modern a capella music are emphasised. In addition, the ensemble, searching always for new experiences for the audience, commissions contemporary works and taps on the oratorio genre, in collaboration with first-rate soloist and instrumentalists specialised in old music.

The choir’s fame has also become noticeable in recent invitations to important festivals and projects made in collaboration with the North German Radio (NDR). In November 2015, Collegium Vocale’s first record De Angelis, produced by Rondeau Productions, was distributed globally. In January 2016, they were nominated to the German Record Critics’ Award (Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik).

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