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Label: Gramola Records

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Artist: Ketevan Sepashvili, Madina Karbeli, Temo Kharshiladze

Composer: Giya Kancheli (1935-2019)

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  • Giya Kancheli (1935 - 2019): 33 Miniatures:
  • 1Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 1, Theme from "King Lear"01:10
  • 2Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 2, Valse from "The Eccentrics"01:48
  • 3Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 3, Theme from "When Almonds Blossomed"02:21
  • 4Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 4, Theme from "Extraordinary Exhibition"00:43
  • 5Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 5, Theme from "As You Like It"01:41
  • 6Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 6, Themes from "Don Quixote" & "Sior Todero"01:55
  • 7Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 7, Theme from "Don Quixote"02:40
  • 8Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 8, Theme from "Mimino"02:29
  • 9Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 9, Theme from "Mother Courage and Her Children"00:52
  • 10Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 10, Main Theme from "Twelfth Night"01:44
  • 11Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 11, Theme from "The Blue Mountains"01:25
  • 12Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 12, Theme from "Waiting for Godot"01:17
  • 13Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 13, Rag-Time from "Richard III"01:18
  • 14Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 14, Theme from "White Stones"01:09
  • 15Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 15, Theme from "The Caucasian Chalk Circle"01:58
  • 16Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 16, Theme from "The Role for a Beginner"01:12
  • 17Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 17, Valse from "Richard III"01:34
  • 18Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 18, Themes from "The Caucasian Chalk Circle", "Extraordinary Exhibition" & "Khanuma"02:32
  • 19Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 19, Theme from "Accusation"02:54
  • 20Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 20, Theme from "Hamlet"01:05
  • 21Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 21, Theme from "Twelfth Night"01:44
  • 22Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 22, Valse from "Don't Grieve"01:14
  • 23Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 23, Theme from "Bear's Kiss"01:38
  • 24Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 24, Main Theme from "Kin-dza-dza!"02:22
  • 25Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 25, Main Theme from "Hamlet"02:25
  • 26Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 26, Song from "Earth, This Is Your Son"01:34
  • 27Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 27, Theme from "Tears Were Falling"02:11
  • 28Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 28, Main Theme from "Cinema"01:05
  • 29Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 29, Theme from "The Caucasian Chalk Circle"01:16
  • 30Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 30, Valse from "The Role for a Beginner"01:19
  • 31Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 31, Main Theme from "Sunny Night"02:18
  • 32Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 32, Theme from "Mother Courage and Her Children"01:40
  • 33Kancheli: 33 Miniatures: No. 33, Theme from "Romeo and Juliet"03:35
  • 12 Miniatures (Version for Voice, Flute & Piano):
  • 34Kancheli: 12 Miniatures (Version for Voice, Flute & Piano): No. 1, Die Töne02:43
  • 35Kancheli: 12 Miniatures (Version for Voice, Flute & Piano): No. 2, Als ob die Zeit zurück kommt02:38
  • 36Kancheli: 12 Miniatures (Version for Voice, Flute & Piano): No. 3, Geheimnis02:36
  • 37Kancheli: 12 Miniatures (Version for Voice, Flute & Piano): No. 4, Was Zärtlichkeit ist01:59
  • 38Kancheli: 12 Miniatures (Version for Voice, Flute & Piano): No. 5, Der Weg ist noch weit02:08
  • 39Kancheli: 12 Miniatures (Version for Voice, Flute & Piano): No. 6, Der Traum02:07
  • 40Kancheli: 12 Miniatures (Version for Voice, Flute & Piano): No. 7, Halleluja01:39
  • 41Kancheli: 12 Miniatures (Version for Voice, Flute & Piano): No. 8, Mein Klavier02:38
  • 42Kancheli: 12 Miniatures (Version for Voice, Flute & Piano): No. 9, Winzige Welt01:37
  • 43Kancheli: 12 Miniatures (Version for Voice, Flute & Piano): No. 10, Wenn die sanfte Brise weh01:58
  • 44Kancheli: 12 Miniatures (Version for Voice, Flute & Piano): No. 11, Die Welt ist eine Bühne02:15
  • 45Kancheli: 12 Miniatures (Version for Voice, Flute & Piano): No. 12, Geh!01:13
  • Total Runtime01:23:39

Info for Poetry of Silence

Giya Kancheli is one of the few Georgian composers whose works are well known beyond the borders of his homeland. On her album Poetry of Silence the pianist Ketevan Sepashvili, also from Georgia, presents Kancheli's 33 Miniatures for Piano. The short pieces are all based on works for film or theater, which were his main areas of activity over a long period of time, and represent a broad cross-section of Kancheli's creativity from almost four decades. Four of the miniatures can be heard with additional flute, and the Twelve Miniatures for Voice and Piano were also arranged by the pianist for the trio cast, which introduces an additional tone color particularly well suited to the songs. Sepashvili is supported by her compatriots Temo Kharshiladze, flute and Madina Karbeli, soprano.

Ketevan Sepashvili, piano
Madina Karbeli, soprano
Temo Kharshiladze, flute

Ketevan Sepashvili
Georgian pianist Ketevan Sepashvili received her musical education at the Paliashvili Music School for exceptionally gifted children under Tamar Pchakadze and later at Tbilisi State Conservatory in the class of Svetlana Korsantia. From 2005 to 2007 she augmented her studies with Professor Hans-Jurg Strub in Switzerland.

As a soloist she has been and is a guest at well-known European piano festivals such as the Festival Klavierissimo in Switzerland (2007, 2009 and 2017), the Liszt Festival Raiding in Austria, the Rubinstein Piano Festival in Lodz, Poland, or the Festival Mozart@Augsburg in Germany.

Her debut CD «Faust» featuring works by Rachmaninov and Liszt appeared in 2012, and was described by the Wiener Zeitung as «fascinating» and «a new discovery». Her second CD recording «Fantasiebilder», with works by Schumann and Rachmaninov, appeared in 2016.

Temo Kharshiladze
was born in 1989 in Tbilisi/Georgia. His first instrument was the salamuri, a traditional Georgian flute. He soon began to learn the transverse flute and after completing secondary school he studied at the State Conservatory in Tbilisi. In 2011 he was first scholarship holder of the Goethe Institute in Tbilisi.

In 2012 he came to Austria as an exchange student, where he studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, completing his master's degree (concert performer, transverse flute) in 2018.

Madina Karbeli
Georgian soprano Madina Karbeli graduated from Tbilisi State Conservatory and Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts (2011). Since then she has been a regular guest on international opera and concert stages. Together with her partners, pianist Ketevan Sepashvili and flutist Temo Kharshiladze, she performed numerous concerts in Austria and Germany.

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