Fading Point Evadez

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Label: Sine Music

Genre: Ambient

Subgenre: Electronic music

Artist: Evadez

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FLAC 48 $ 12.00
  • 1Anchored from the Unknown04:11
  • 2Beginning the Next End05:36
  • 3Caught in the Crowd04:55
  • 4Educate the New05:34
  • 5Feel What I Feel05:44
  • 6Frozen Under Again06:55
  • 7L.O.V.E. (Lust over Violent Empathy)04:44
  • 8Open Eyes for the First Time04:52
  • 9Passing Under05:39
  • 10Phobie04:35
  • 11Religiously Falling06:06
  • 12Romance06:03
  • 13Time Heals the Closest Scars04:09
  • 14To the Ones Known As03:43
  • 15Anchored from the Unknown04:08
  • 16Caught in the Crowd04:56
  • 17Romance06:03
  • 18L.O.V.E. (Lust over Violent Empathy)04:44
  • Total Runtime01:32:37

Info for Fading Point

You’ll notice it at once: Evadez’ new album sounds more light-footed than his debut album but fragile at the same time, as if happiness could fade away at any second. Through mystic and mantra-like passages Evadez gets you in his very own world. This world has its own sound, combined of fragments that seem inconsistent at first but suddenly make perfect sense. On this album Evadez uses drums on various songs for the first time. The slow beats even increase the spherical effect on the songs.

Let the vehemence of this album carry you away. It will never let you go.

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