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Label: Real World

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Modern Rock

Artist: Peter Gabriel

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  • 1Panopticom (Bright Side Mix)05:13
  • 2The Court (Bright-Side Mix)04:21
  • 3Playing For Time (Bright-Side Mix)06:17
  • 4i/o (Bright-Side Mix)03:52
  • 5Four Kinds of Horses (Bright-Side Mix)06:47
  • 6Road to Joy (Bright-Side Mix)05:21
  • 7So Much (Bright-Side Mix)04:51
  • 8Olive Tree (Bright-Side Mix)05:58
  • 9Love Can Heal (Bright-Side Mix)05:59
  • 10This Is Home (Bright-Side Mix)05:04
  • 11And Still (Bright-Side Mix)07:42
  • 12Live and Let Live (Bright-Side Mix)06:46
  • 13Panopticom (Dark-Side Mix)05:13
  • 14The Court (Dark-Side Mix)04:21
  • 15Playing For Time (Dark-Side Mix)06:17
  • 16i/o (Dark-Side Mix)03:52
  • 17Four Kinds of Horses (Dark-Side Mix)06:47
  • 18Road to Joy (Dark-Side Mix)05:24
  • 19So Much (Dark-Side Mix)04:51
  • 20Olive Tree (Dark-Side Mix)05:58
  • 21Love Can Heal (Dark-Side Mix)06:00
  • 22This Is Home (Dark-Side Mix)05:04
  • 23And Still (Dark-Side Mix)07:42
  • 24Live and Let Live (Dark-Side Mix)07:11
  • Total Runtime02:16:51

Info for i/o

I/O (typeset as i/o) is the tenth studio album by English rock musician Peter Gabriel, released on 1 December 2023 by Real World Records. It is Gabriel's first full-length album of new original material in over 21 years since 2002's Up, marking the longest gap between two studio albums in his solo career. Additionally, I/O is his longest regular studio album to date.

I/O had been in the works for nearly three decades, with its initial production dating back to 1995, at around the same time Gabriel began recording Up. He began planning the follow-up to Up as early as 2000 and originally intended to release it in 2004, but the album was repeatedly delayed, reworked and re-recorded at seven recording studios (and one arena during soundchecks while on tour with Sting in 2016) before its completion in 2022. This was due to Gabriel focusing on other projects such as his two orchestral albums Scratch My Back (2010) and New Blood (2011), which contained covers of songs by other artists and rearrangements of his older material, respectively.

"After a year's-worth of full moon releases, I'm very happy to see all these new songs back together on the good ship I/O and ready for their journey out into the world." (Peter Gabriel)

The album was recorded mostly at Real World Studios and Gabriel’s home studio. The album features guitarist David Rhodes, bassist Tony Levin and drummer Manu Katché throughout with contributions from Brian Eno, Richard Russell, pianist Tom Cawley, trumpeters Josh Shpak and Paolo Fresu, cellist Linnea Olsson and keyboard player Don E.

Peter Gabriel first came to international prominence with the success of Genesis, a band that he co-founded while still at school. Since leaving Genesis in 1975, his recording career has included eleven studio albums, film soundtracks for Alan Parker’s ‘Birdy’, Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’ and Philip Noyce’s ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ as well as numerous live albums. His wider musical career has included multiple Grammy Awards, the world-renowned Real World Studios, the formation of the Real World Records label, and in 1980 the creation of WOMAD, the festival that has launched the careers of many artists from around the world and has just celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Peter Gabriel co-founded the human rights organization WITNESS ( in 1992, the organization that pioneers the use of cameras and technology in human rights campaigning, and in 2007, alongside Sir Richard Branson, he founded The Elders ( which was launched by Nelson Mandela.

In 2006, Peter Gabriel was awarded the prestigious Man of Peace title by The Nobel Peace Laureates and in 2008 was also included in the Time 100 list. He has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame twice. He remains engaged in a wide variety of tech-based businesses throughout a variety of creative industries.

Peter Gabriel, lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboards, piano, glass harp
David Rhodes, guitars, acoustic guitar, acoustic 12 string guitar, backing vocals
Tony Levin, bass
Manu Katché, drums
Ged Lynch, percussion
Tom Cawley, piano (on "Playing for Time")
Evan Smith, saxophone (on "Olive Tree")
Josh Shpak, trumpet (on "Road to Joy" and "Olive Tree")
Melanie Gabriel, backing vocals (on "The Court", "Four Kinds of Horses", "So Much", "Love Can Heal" and "Live and Let Live)
Ríoghnach Connolly, backing vocals (on "Panopticom", "Love Can Heal" and "This Is Home")
Jennie Abrahamson, backing vocals (on "Love Can Heal")
Linnea Olsson, cello (on "Love Can Heal"), backing vocals (on "Love Can Heal")
Angie Pollock, synths (on "Love Can Heal")
Brian Eno, synthesizer (on "Panopticom", "The Court", "This Is Home" and "Live and Let Live"), bells (on "Panopticom"), percussion (on "The Court"), rhythm programming and progressing (on "Four Kinds of Horses" and "Road to Joy"), electric worms and additional synths (on "Four Kinds of Horses"), manipulated guitar and ukulele (on "Road to Joy"), rhythm programming (on "Live and Let Live")
Oli Jacobs, synthesizer (on "Panopticom", "Playing for Time", "I/O" and "This Is Home"), programming (on "Panopticom", "The Court", "I/O", "This Is Home" and "Live and Let Live"), piano (on "Four Kinds of Horses"), tambourine (on "This is Home")
Don-E, bass synth (on "Road to Joy")
Katie May, acoustic guitar (on "Panopticom" and "I/O"), percussion (on "The Court", "This Is Home" and "Live and Let Live"), Rickenbacker guitar (on "I/O"), synthesizer (on "I/O"), rhythm programming (on "Four Kinds of Horses"), guitar effects (on "Love Can Heal")
Richard Evans, D whistle (on "I/O"), mandolin (on "Olive Tree")
Richard Chappell, programming (on "Panopticom", "The Court", "I/O", "Olive Tree", "And Still" and "Live and Let Live")
Richard Russell, filtered percussion (on "Four Kinds of Horses")
Hans-Martin Buff, additional percussion and synths (on "Road to Joy")
Ron Aslan, additional synthesizer (on "Road to Joy")
Oli Middleton, percussion (on "This Is Home")
Paolo Fresu, trumpet (on "Live and Let Live")
Steve Gadd, brush loop (on "Live and Let Live")
Orphei Drängar (on This Is Home)
Musical director, vocal arranger, Bongani (Honey) Ncube
Cecilia Rydinger, choir conductor

Peter Gabriel
has earned a worldwide reputation for his innovative work as a musician, writer and video maker. When at school he co-founded the group Genesis, which he left in 1975. His albums, live performance and videos since then have won him a succession of awards. Gabriel has released eleven solo albums and in 1986, his album 'So' won him his first Grammy. The videos from this project confirmed him as a leader in video production and included 'Sledgehammer', which has won the most music video awards ever, including number one position in 'Rolling Stones' top 100 videos of all time and the MTV most played video of all time.

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