The Concerts in China (40th Anniversary - Remastered Edition (Live)) Jean-Michel Jarre

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Label: Sony Music Catalog

Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Electronica

Artist: Jean-Michel Jarre

Composer: Jean-Michel Jarre

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  • 1L'Ouverture / The Overture (Live - Remastered 2022)04:51
  • 2Arpegiateur / Arpegiator (Live - Remastered 2022)06:50
  • 3Equinoxe, Pt. 4 / Equinoxe Part 4 (Live - Remastered 2022)07:47
  • 4Jonques De Pêcheurs Au Crepuscule / Fishing Junks at Sunset (Live - Remastered 2022)09:45
  • 5L'Orchestre Sous La Pluie / Band in the Rain (Live - Remastered 2022)01:21
  • 6Equinoxe, Pt. 7 / Equinoxe Part 7 (Live - Remastered 2022)09:53
  • 7Orient Express (Live - Remastered 2022)04:21
  • 8Chants Magnetiques, Pt. 1 / Magnetic Fields Part 1 (Live - Remastered 2022)00:27
  • 9Chants Magnetiques, Pt. 3 / Magnetic Fields Part 3 (Live - Remastered 2022)03:44
  • 10Chants Magnetiques, Pt. 4 / Magnetic Fields Part 4 (Live - Remastered 2022)06:45
  • 11Harpe Laser / Laser Harp (Live - Remastered 2022)03:36
  • 12Nuit A Shanghai / Night in Shanghai (Live - Remastered 2022)07:01
  • 13La Dernière Rumba / The Last Rumba (Live - Remastered 2022)02:11
  • 14Chants Magnetiques, Pt. 2 / Magnetic Fields Part 2 (Live - Remastered 2022)06:18
  • 15Souvenir de Chine / Souvenir of China (Live - Remastered 2022)03:59
  • Total Runtime01:18:49

Info for The Concerts in China (40th Anniversary - Remastered Edition (Live))

40th Anniversary: In 1981 Jarre was invited by the Chinese government to perform five concerts in what was then a very closed country. The five indoor stadium concerts took place respectively in Beijing (two concerts) and Shanghai (three concerts), and the French musician had composed no fewer than seven new pieces especially for them which, stylistically, moved from electro over ambient to Chinese traditional music.

"To this day The Concerts in China experience remains to be probably the most surreal and poetic of all my experiences. It was an honour to be the first Western musician to play live in the country at that time and it was like visiting another planet for me; and also for the Chinese audience too it seemed to be the same curious awe (…) I have revisited China very often out of a passion for their culture and have performed there since, at The Forbidden City and on Tiananmen Square. I am delighted that ‘The Concerts in China’ album has been remastered, as it’s something I’m incredibly proud of and remains a testimony of my ongoing attachment to China."

Organizing the concerts was a major project in itself, not least due to the cultural differences connected with the official concert tradition in China. The audience at the first show was exclusively comprised of military personnel and for this reason Jarre handed-out tickets to the citizens in the street to enable them also to share the other shows. It has been said that 500 million Chinese listened to the concerts live on the radio when Jarre, as the first Western musician invited officially, performed in early post-Mao China.

As a pioneer in electronic music and a UNESCO ambassador for education, science and culture, Jarre's back catalog includes 22 studio albums, which have sold more than 85 million units worldwide, and earned him numerous awards and nominations. He has also set several Guinness World Records for live audience attendance at concerts in several iconic locations, performing at the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, the Sahara Desert, the Eiffel Tower, and the Dead Sea.

Jean-Michel Jarre, Fairlight CMI, Eminent, Oberheim OB-Xa, Moog Taurus, EMS Synthi AKS, EMS VCS 3, Linn LM-1, Electro-Harmonix Micro Synthesizer, laser harp, Elka X-705
Frederick Rousseau, MDB Polysequencer, RSF Kobol, Yamaha CS-60, Korg Rhythm, ARP 2600
Dominique Perrier, Moog Liberation, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Eminent, Korg Polyphonique, RSF Kobol
Roger Rizzitelli, Electronic percussion, Simmons electronic drum

Digitally remastered

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