It's Different Now Joy Bogat

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Label: Listenrecords

Genre: R&B

Subgenre: Hip Hop Soul

Artist: Joy Bogat

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FLAC 88.2 $ 6.20
  • 1Hope You're Good04:23
  • 2Sometimes03:58
  • 3My Intuition02:59
  • 4Awake03:56
  • 5Slowly04:12
  • 6Space03:58
  • Total Runtime23:26

Info for It's Different Now

„It’s different now” - but what exactly? Listening to Joy Bogat’s upcoming EP you can hear the afro-german singer relive different stages of growth, that changed her music, personality and mindset over the last two years. There are joyful moments, that celebrate taking time and space for yourself, musically transported by laid-back grooves and floating backing vocals.

But: to write about the longing for a parent, that lives on the other side of the globe and struggling to reach out to them also has owned its place in her music. While diving into such personal topics, Joy always finds something healing in the darkest places - and that’s what makes her music so honest, reassuring the listener that you don’t always have to have everything figured out - you’ll find your way in the process. Since she started producing her own music in 2019, a unique style of mixing vocal harmonies, synthesizers and soulful grooves has evolved - it supports the stories Joy is telling to her audience, but manages to leave space for listeners to fill each line with their own experience as well.

J.B. is symbolic of a new generation calling multiply talented musicians not only in the German Indie- & Soul/RnB-scene: composing, arranging, writing, being on stage. She is one of so few here, emerging with an international approach on the one hand musically, and passing on products of her creative nature on the other hand.

Joy Bogat, vocals, synthesizer, bass, piano, organ
Lasse Altmark, synthesizer, guitars, bass, drums
Jacco Herhaus, bass, synthesizer, piano
Jan Henning Nass, drums

Joy Bogat
a 25 year old singer/musician from Hanover, Germany. With a unique vocal style including harmonic vocals, occasional rap parts and layers of synthesizers she represents her individual and musical journey. The musician holds questions and gives answers. „Do you remember the last time you apologized to yourself?“ Her self-produced debut EP With Time. which was released in 2020 is audible self-care. So while others are out there, chasing dreams and occasionally losing themselves, Joy dares to search for details and the little things that come with looking after oneself.

This album contains no booklet.

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