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  • 1Are You Ready (Remastered 2002)03:25
  • 2Anybody's Answer (Remastered 2002)05:15
  • 3Time Machine (Remastered 2002)03:44
  • 4High On A Horse (Remastered 2002)02:56
  • 5T.N.U.C. (Remastered 2002)08:40
  • 6Into The Sun (Remastered 2002)06:25
  • 7Heartbreaker (Remastered 2002)06:33
  • 8Call Yourself A Man (Remastered 2002)03:00
  • 9Can't Be Too Long (Remastered 2002)06:30
  • 10Ups And Downs (Remastered 2002)05:10
  • Total Runtime51:38

Info for On Time (Remastered)

"On Time" is the debut studio album by American rock band Grand Funk Railroad. The album was released on August 25, 1969, by Capitol Records. It was produced by Terry Knight. "Time Machine", the band's first single release, just made it into the top 50 in the singles charts, reaching #48.

After the success of their second album Grand Funk (also known as The Red Album) in 1970, On Time went gold, one of four RIAA gold record awards for the band that year. The other two albums reaching gold status in 1970 for Grand Funk Railroad were Closer to Home and Live Album.

"Grand Funk Railroad's 1969 debut is a wildly uneven affair. Although the exuberant energy and power-trio theatrics that would fuel their 1970s hits are in place, the group's songwriting and arranging abilities are very much in their infancy. The biggest problems in terms of songwriting are the often-amateurish lyrics: "Anybody's Answer" is a sincere but muddled attempt at a message song that expends a lot of energy without ever focusing on a particular target and "Heartbreaker" is a love lament that is content to trot out a series of well-worn heartbreak clichés. In terms of arrangements, the band often places an aimless jam where a tight instrumental break should be. The standout example of this problem is "TNUC," a loose-limbed tune that wears out its welcome with an overlong and unstructured drum solo. Despite these problems, there are some strong tunes in the mix: "Are You Ready" is an exuberant rocker built on one of Mel Schacher's trademark walking basslines and "Into the Sun" is a clever tune that starts as a mellow mid-tempo jam before blossoming into a stomping rocker with a funky guitar riff. Both of these sturdy tunes appropriately became mainstays of Grand Funk Railroad's live show for many years to come. "Time Machine" is another highlight, a bluesy shuffle built on Mark Farner's wailing vocals and a catchy, stuttered guitar riff. All in all, On Time is way too patchy of an album to please the casual listener but provides a few hints of and contains enough worthwhile moments to please the group's fans." (Donald A. Guarisco, AMG)

Mark Farner, guitar, piano, vocals, harmonica
Mel Schacher, bass
Don Brewer, drums, vocals

Digitally remastered

Grand Funk Railroad (aka Grand Funk)
is an American rock band. The Grand Funk Railroad lineup was highly popular during the 1970s, having sold over 25 million records and selling out arenas worldwide and having been awarded four RIAA gold albums in 1970, the most for any American Group that year. The current Grand Funk Railroad lineup uses the nickname "The American Band", from their hit song "We're an American Band". A popular take on the band during their heyday was that the critics hated them, but audiences loved them. Contrary to the name, the band is not a real funk band; but rather an attempt to pun the name "Grand Trunk Railroad" as that railroad went through Flint; although some sources cite the band's "The Locomotion" cover song as a funk track.

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