Monsieur Couperin. Louis, Charles, François I ? Pièces de clavecin Brice Sailly

Cover Monsieur Couperin. Louis, Charles, François I ? Pièces de clavecin

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Label: Ricercar

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Artist: Brice Sailly

Composer: Louis Couperin (1626-1661), Charles Couperin (1638-1679)

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  • Louis Couperin (1626 - 1661): Couperin: [Pièces en ré]:
  • 1Couperin: [Pièces en ré]: Prélude (1)05:43
  • 2Couperin: [Pièces en ré]: Allemande (36)03:44
  • 3Couperin: [Pièces en ré]: Courante (42)01:18
  • 4Couperin: [Pièces en ré]: Courante (43)01:37
  • 5Couperin: [Pièces en ré]: Sarabande (51)03:23
  • 6Couperin: [Pièces en ré]: Canaries (52)01:36
  • 7Couperin: [Pièces en ré]: La Pastourelle (54)01:33
  • 8Couperin: [Pièces en ré]: Chaconne (55)02:42
  • 9Couperin: [Pièces en ré]: Volte (53)01:03
  • Louis Couperin:
  • 10Couperin: Pavanne [en fa # mineur] (121)09:15
  • Couperin: [Pièces en mi-la]:
  • 11Couperin: [Pièces en mi-la]: Prélude (14)01:40
  • 12Couperin: [Pièces en mi-la]: Allemande de la Paix (63)03:15
  • 13Couperin: [Pièces en mi-la]: Courante (64)01:36
  • 14Couperin: [Pièces en mi-la]: Sarabande (65)03:35
  • 15Couperin: [Pièces en mi-la]: La Piémontoise (103)01:54
  • Couperin: [Pièces en ut]: Prélude (9)
  • 16Couperin: [Pièces en ut]: Prélude (9)03:04
  • 17Couperin: [Pièces en ut]: Allemande la Précieuse (30)03:19
  • 18Couperin: [Pièces en ut]: Courante (31)01:48
  • 19Couperin: [Pièces en ut]: Courante (16)01:27
  • 20Couperin: [Pièces en ut]: Sarabande (32)03:09
  • 21Couperin: [Pièces en ut]: Sarabande (25)01:12
  • 22Couperin: [Pièces en ut]: Gigue (33)01:58
  • 23Couperin: [Pièces en ut]: Passacaille (27)05:45
  • 24Couperin: [Pièces en ut]: Menuet (29)01:16
  • Total Runtime01:06:52

Info for Monsieur Couperin. Louis, Charles, François I ? Pièces de clavecin

Careful examination of the manuscript sources of the harpsichord pieces of the ancestors of François Couperin ‘Le Grand’ reveals that nowhere are these compositions indisputably attributed to one of the three brothers Louis, François and Charles, born in Chaumes-en-Brie in 1626, 1630 and 1638. In these sources, the signatures mention an enigmatic ‘Monsieur Couperin’. The question of the authorship of all these compositions thus remains open. What is certain is that, for various reasons, Louis, who died in 1661, cannot under any circumstances be the composer of all the pieces in the corpus generally attributed to him. Which pieces can be restored to Charles and perhaps François, who died in 1679 and 1701 respectively? It is this riddle, worthy of a detective story, that this recording attempts to solve...

Brice Sailly, harpsichord

Brice Sailly
Having studied with Elisabeth Joyé, he continues musical studies at The Paris Conservatory (CNSMDP) with Olivier Baumont, Blandine Rannou and Kenneth Weiss, and also meets with and learns from other artists such as Pierre Hantaï, Skip Sempé and Fabio Bonizzoni. Enlightened accompanist in the finest ancient music and sought after as conductor of singers Brice Sailly accompanies Agnès Mellon and Dominique Visse in recitals and appears with Capriccio Stravagante (Skip Sempé), Pulcinella (Ophélie Gaillard), Il Seminario Musicale (Gérard Lesne), Les Paladins (Jérôme Correas), Musicall Humors (Julien Léonard), Arte Intime, Collegium Vocale de Gand (Philippe Herreweghe) and The Stockholm Bach Society.

Open to various different musical activity Brice Sailly is a member and founder of the Franco-Icelandic groupe Süsser Trost and has done projects with Murcof and Marion June, who work at the the electronic scene. Also active in musical theatre Brice Sailly created Dell'onesta dissumulazione, a show where he played a Playel harpsichord manufactured after Wanda Landowskas ideas and suggestions. Brice Sailly appears as a soloist in concertos by J.-S. and C.-Ph.-E. Bach and Mozart and has been programmed as a recitalist in The Festival de Saint-Riquier, Jeunes Talents Européens in Paris, Salle Gaveau, at The Cité de la Musique, Château de Versailles, Lausanne, at Théâtre du Renard in Paris, The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Chartres, in Rome, Reykjavik and Tokyo. He also holds the Certificat d’Aptitude diploma for higher education and teaches harpsichord at CRR Conservatory (Conservatoire à rayonnement régional) in Rueil-Malmaison. He also teaches basso continuo at the department for ancient music in CRR Conservatory in Toulouse.

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