Bartók: Concerto for Orchestra, BB 123, Sz.116 Los Angeles Philharmonic & Gustavo Dudamel

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  • Béla Bartók (1881-1945): Concerto For Orchestra, Sz. 116
  • 1Introduzione (Andante non troppo - Allegro vivace10:33
  • 2Giuoco della coppie (Allegretto scherzando)06:36
  • 3Elegia (Andante, non troppo)07:49
  • 4Intermezzo interrotto (Allegretto)04:27
  • 5Finale (Pesante - Presto)10:19
  • Total Runtime39:44

Info for Bartók: Concerto for Orchestra, BB 123, Sz.116

'The general mood of the work represents, apart from the jesting second movement, a gradual transition from the sternness of the first movement and the lugubrious death-song of the third, to the life-assertion of the last one... The title of this symphony-like orchestral work is explained by its tendency to treat the single orchestral instruments in a concertant or soloistic manner. The 'virtuoso' treatment appears, for instance, in the fugato sections of the development of the first movement (brass instruments), or in the perpetuum mobile-like passage of the principal theme in the last movement (strings), and especially in the second movement, in which pairs of instruments consecutively appear with brilliant passages.'

Not least among the many attractions of this, the composer's most popular orchestral work, is his splendidly achieved end of allowing each section of his hundred-headed virtuoso to shine and, finally, to exhibit his virtuosity in a spectacularly complex fugue (in the finale's development), prior to the delectably rabble-rousing conclusion. (Herbert Glass)

Los Angeles Philharmonic
Gustavo Dudamel, conductor

Engineered by Fred Vogler
Editing and Mastering by Fred Vogler, Scott Sedillo
Produced by Fred Vogler

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