Mannaggia Amore - Giuseppe Porsile: Cantatas for Soprano Inês d'Avena, Stefanie True & La Cicala

Cover Mannaggia Amore - Giuseppe Porsile: Cantatas for Soprano

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Label: Passacaille

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

Artist: Inês d'Avena, Stefanie True & La Cicala

Composer: Giuseppe Porsile (1680-1750)

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  • Giuseppe Porsile (1680 - 1750): Cantata "Le sofferte amare pene":
  • 1Cantata "Le sofferte amare pene": I. Aria 'Le sofferte amare pene'06:35
  • 2Cantata "Le sofferte amare pene": II. Recitative "Sovvienti idolo mio"02:18
  • 3Cantata "Le sofferte amare pene": III. Aria "Non sprezzar più nò un fido core"05:34
  • Il Giorno Felice:
  • 4"Il Giorno Felice": Andante01:18
  • Cantata XXII “Qual per ignoto calle”:
  • 5Cantata XXII “Qual per ignoto calle”: I. Recitative "Qual per ignoto calle"02:00
  • 6Cantata XXII “Qual per ignoto calle”: II. Aria "Quel passaggier son io"05:33
  • 7Cantata XXII “Qual per ignoto calle”: III. Recitative "Deh'più non regni"01:01
  • 8Cantata XXII “Qual per ignoto calle”: IV. Aria "Quel passaggier son io"04:24
  • Dialoge Pastorale a Cinque Voci:
  • 9Dialoge Pastorale a Cinque Voci: Menuet I & II02:26
  • Cantate No. 25 “Violetta gentil”:
  • 10Cantate No. 25 “Violetta gentil”: Recitative “Violetta gentil”01:54
  • 11Cantate No. 25 “Violetta gentil”: aria "Non curando i vani onori"04:24
  • 12Cantate No. 25 “Violetta gentil”: Recitative " Tu à le piante vicine"01:17
  • 13Cantate No. 25 “Violetta gentil”: IV. Aria (Allegro) "Violetta sai perché"05:25
  • Cantata sopra l’Arcecalascione “Sfogandose ‘no Juorno”:
  • 14Cantata sopra l’Arcecalascione “Sfogandose ‘no Juorno”: I. Recitative "Sfogandose 'no Juorno"00:41
  • 15Cantata sopra l’Arcecalascione “Sfogandose ‘no Juorno”: II. Aria "Schiaresce l'Arba nsino dello maro"04:33
  • 16Cantata sopra l’Arcecalascione “Sfogandose ‘no Juorno”: III. Recitative "E scomputo ch'avette chisto Lotano"00:19
  • 17Cantata sopra l’Arcecalascione “Sfogandose ‘no Juorno”: IV. - Aria "Mannaggia Amore"00:46
  • [Sonata a] Flauto Solo:
  • 18[Sonata a] Flauto Solo: I. Entree02:40
  • 19[Sonata a] Flauto Solo: II. Aria02:39
  • 20[Sonata a] Flauto Solo: III. Menuet01:04
  • Cantata P[rim]a “E già tre volte”:
  • 21Cantata P[rim]a “E già tre volte”: I. Recitative "E già tre volte"00:55
  • 22Cantata P[rim]a “E già tre volte”: II. Aria "Alla sorte che m’era si dura"06:26
  • 23Cantata P[rim]a “E già tre volte”: III. Recitative "Cosi fui di mia sorte"01:01
  • 24Cantata P[rim]a “E già tre volte”: IV. Aria "Se quei cari amati rai"04:25
  • Total Runtime01:09:38

Info for Mannaggia Amore - Giuseppe Porsile: Cantatas for Soprano

Giuseppe Porsile (1680-1750) was one of the very few representatives of the Neapolitan School at the otherwise rather conservative Imperial Court in Vienna. Inês d'Avena and the ensemble La Cicala continue their exploration of the Neapolitan repertoire, which had previously been ignored. The soprano Stefanie True lets several forgotten vocal jewels shine in first recordings featured on this album.

"On this recordings La Cicala explores the music by Giuseppe Porsile, who lived at the time of Bach and Handel. His style combines features of the northern Italian school and the pre-classical style in Vienna. The recorded cantatas and chamber music were partly adapted for the Ensemble Cicala. In keeping with Porsile’s compositional style, La Cicala playing is fresh and unpretentious. The performances sound rather relaxed, but of course not unfocused or careless. The Canadian soprano Stefanie True, who is a permanent member of La Cicala, also adopts this straightforward style, giving the cantatas an unaffected and yet distinctive character." (

Inês d'Avena, recorder
Stefanie True, soprano
La Cicala Baroque Ensemble

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