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Baló Projekt
The Baló Project was launched in 2015 by István Baló. The bandleader and drummer's intention was to use the knowledge and experience he had gathered during his rich career to create his own compositions. One of the main features of the pieces is that the soloists can express themselves in improvisations that give them great freedom, connecting points of departure and arrival - just as "the river runs in its course". "It took me a long time to realise that it was not enough for me to feel free within the limits I set myself, I had to ensure that the musicians I invited into the orchestra felt free, too. I think this is important because it makes it much easier for the musicians' dormant energies to surface." Baló's fellow musicians are emblematic young daredevils of the Hungarian free jazz scene, who are also at home in mainstream jazz - just like the band leader himself.

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