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Label: Nettwerk Records

Genre: R&B

Subgenre: Hip Hop Soul

Interpret: Tobias Dray

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  • 1Baddest (feat. Abel.)02:15
  • 2I Don't Mind (feat. Ben Chandler)01:57
  • 3Sunsets (feat. Knightly)03:03
  • 4We'll Be Beautiful (feat. POLYDRIVE)02:48
  • Total Runtime10:03


Tobias Dray’s music is the perfect balance of sub-genres and moods, crafted to emote and evoke a visceral reaction. His latest single, “Sunsets (feat. Knightly)” is one of 5 tracks on his upcoming EP DAYDREAMER, set for a November 23 release. “Sunsets” follows a distinct theme of the EP, as Tobias explains that “most tracks have an airy and dreamy vibe to it. When I was making those tracks my mind was really wandering, maybe an escape to uncertainty…”

Born in Paris and currently residing in Toronto, Tobias Dray worked on DAYDREAMER during any musician’s worst nightmare: COVID 19. For many, this lockdown provided more challenges than benefits, but for Tobias, it allowed him to take a unique path. Because he was unable to meet with other musicians in person, he sent over his tracks to vocalists that he felt would suit each track’s individual vibe, reaching out to them with personalized messages explaining how much he admired them. Instead of wallowing in the unfortunate circumstances of the lockdown, he worked hard to pump out tracks and create an EP that he was proud of.

Adding to the EP’s easy, breezy aura, “Sunsets (feat. Knightly)” creates an authentic feeling of calm, stemming from the fact that there was a beautiful sunset lighting up the sky as Tobias wrote it. This multi-use track can be paired with both a night at the club, given its catchy electronic elements, or a day at the beach, given its smooth, calming nature. Tobias achieves true versatility with the use of electronic, indie, and R&B influences.

“I feel like ‘Sunsets’ reminds me of a mix between Phoebe Bridgers, Destiny Rogers and Holly Humberstone. I discovered Knightly on a Spotify playlist and as soon as I heard her voice, I knew this could fit so well in this track. The track has a huge feeling of freedom, airy, and light. This is the track on the EP that is the most optimistic and comfort sonically speaking. What’s more, Knightly wrote the lyrics with those same feelings in mind, like when she says “I know I’ll be alright, be alright”. Now that I think about it it’s actually really cool to convey feelings just with sounds, and then the songwriter didn’t needed an explanation and just listened to the track and understood the major theme and feeling of the track.” (Tobias Dray)

Tobias Dray

Tobias Dray
Paris-born producer/composer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist Tobias Dray doesn’t fall under one sub-genre, producing electronic music, indie pop, and indie R&B. Tobias is preparing to release his debut EP DAYDREAMER (via Nettwerk Records), a 4-song offering that is a classic “recording-in-2020” story. Unable to meet vocal collaborators in person, Tobias (who has had a knack for cherry-picking collaborators via the internet) turned to Spotify, reaching out to vocalists Abel., Ben Chandler, Knightly, and POLYDRIVE with personalized messages complimenting them on their music and asking if they’d like to work together. The result is a collection of songs that balance organic and electronic elements and best reflect Tobias' collection of obscure hip-hop and jazz vinyl.

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