Quantum Gate Tangerine Dream

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Label: Kscope

Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Electronica

Interpret: Tangerine Dream

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FLAC 48 $ 14,30
  • 1Sensing Elements14:34
  • 2Roll the Seven Twice06:38
  • 3Granular Blankets05:21
  • 4It Is Time to Leave When Everyone Is Dancing06:38
  • 5Identity Proven Matrix05:24
  • 6Non-Locality Destination10:38
  • 7Proton Bonfire08:42
  • 8Tear Down the Grey Skies (44.1 kHz)06:16
  • 9Genesis of Precious Thoughts (44.1 kHz)09:09
  • Total Runtime01:13:20

Info zu Quantum Gate

Das Album „Quantum Gate“, das auf den Tag genau 50 Jahre nach Bandgründung am 29. September erscheint, ist die klanglich-künstlerische Umsetzung von wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen aus der Quantenphysik und -philosophie, für das Edgar Froese viele musikalischen Skizzen hinterlassen hat. Es basiert also nicht nur auf den theoretischen Konzepten Froeses, als vielmehr auf seinen tatsächlichen, musikalischen Ideen, die er glücklicherweise vor seinem Tod noch aufnehmen konnte. Die verbliebenen Bandmitglieder Thorsten Quaeschning (Synths), Violinistin Hoshiko Yamane und das im Jahr 2014 hinzugekommene neue Mitglied Ulrich Schnauss (Synths) haben in Zusammenarbeit mit Froeses Witwe Bianca Froese-Acquaye, die selbst Künstlerin (Malerin) und seit 15 Jahren Managerin von Tangerine Dream ist, in den letzten 2 Jahren hart daran gearbeitet, die Visionen ihres Mannes, die Phase der sogenannten „Quantum Years“, umzusetzen und das neue Album “Quantum Gate” in dessen Sinne produziert.

Edgar Froese, leader, founder, keyboards, guitars (1967–2015)
Thorsten Quaeschning, bandleader, keyboards, drums, vocals, guitar
Hoshiko Yamane, violin, cello, Ableton Push
Ulrich Schnauss, synthesizer, piano, Sequencer, Ableton

Produced by Edgar Froese

Tangerine Dream
Very different from your standard 'Heavy Metal Records' band, 'Tangerine Dream' are a German Electronic group that were first founded in 1967. There mix of Electronic, New-Age, Ambient and even Psychedelic has created a unique and iconic sound that has helped them to have a very successful career. In terms of line-up, the group have undergone many changes over the years, with founding member Edgar Froese being the only continuous member of the group until his untimely death in January 2015. During the peak of their career, the best known and most constant line up featured Froese as well as Christopher Franke and Peter Baumann, before in the late 70's keyboardist Johannes Schmoelling replaced Baumann. Over their incredible 49 year career, they have released over a hundred albums and have been hailed by many as key influential figures in the development of popular sub-genres of Electronic music including "Krautrock", "Berlin School", "Electronic Dance Music" and "New Age Music".

The group however are perhaps most famous for their work in film, and over the years they have composed and recorded the soundtracks for a number of big Hollywood films, most of which were released in the 1980's. These included the films "Sorcerer", "Risky Business", "Legend"and "Firestarter". They also composed the score for the fifth instalment of the extremely popular "Grand Theft Auto" series, "Grand Theft Auto V" which has gone on to receive worldwide critical acclaim and has won hundreds of game of the year awards. And it's film soundtracks where their association with Heavy Metal Records comes in, in 1984 the group composed and recorded the soundtrack for the film "Flashpoint" starring famous actor and musician Kris Kristofferson. The soundtrack was released through Heavy Metal Records that year with the film making $3,854,833 at the box office. In fact many of their soundtracks have gone to be more successful than some of their studio albums and in the years since, it's clear that many composers have taken influence from the groups iconic and revolutionary take on Electronic music for film scores.

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