Simply... Dizzy! (Remastered) Dizzy Gillespie

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Label: Jube Legends

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Bebop

Interpret: Dizzy Gillespie

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FLAC 48 $ 13,20
  • 152nd Street Theme03:05
  • 2Now's the Time03:16
  • 3Things to Come (Version 1)02:46
  • 4Koko02:58
  • 5Anthropolgy02:38
  • 6Stay on It03:11
  • 7Settin' the Pace05:55
  • 8One Bass Hit02:54
  • 9Katy03:05
  • 10Oh Bop Sh'Bam03:01
  • 11That's Earl Brother02:40
  • 12Ray's Idea02:21
  • 13Our Delight02:29
  • 14Emanon03:06
  • 15Slam Slam Blues04:26
  • 16Sometimes I'm Happy05:23
  • 17Limehouse Blues09:53
  • 18Ballad Medley: I'm Through with Love - Can't We Be Friends - I Don't Know Why - If I Had You11:13
  • 19Blue Moon09:02
  • 20Bebop08:19
  • 21My Heart Belongs to Daddy04:49
  • 22Embreacable You02:56
  • 23Stompin' at the Savoy08:18
  • 24Stardust03:26
  • 25Lip's Flips04:57
  • 26Guys Got to Go02:18
  • 27Kerouac07:34
  • 28Up on Teddy's Hill06:11
  • 29Things to Come (Alternative Version)05:21
  • Total Runtime02:17:31

Info zu Simply... Dizzy! (Remastered)

To describe the impact of Dizzy Gillespie - the godfather of Bebop - it Is best o quote Wynton Marsalis - a prolific trumpet player himself and one of the living legends of Jazz who frequently worked with Gillespie. Marsalis says: "His playing showcases the importance of intelligence. His rhythmic sophistication was unequaled. He was a master of harmony—and fascinated with studying it. He took in all the music of his youth—from Roy Eldridge to Duke Ellington—and developed a unique style built on complex rhythm and harmony balanced by wit. Gillespie was so quick-minded, he could create an endless flow of ideas at unusually fast tempo. Nobody had ever even considered playing a trumpet that way, let alone had actually tried. All the musicians respected him because, in addition to outplaying everyone, he knew so much and was so generous with that knowledge..."

Listening to the 30 tracks assembled on this album is like listening to a "Free Flow" of inspiration all coming from a genius on his instrument. It's "Simply ... Dizzy"!

Digitally remastered

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